Commissioning Engineering

During the project Engineering phase in Detailed Design stage, MCCS are able to check and review all the applicable documents for commissioning engineering with focus on technical preparation for execution of Mechanical completion (Pre-Commissioning) and Commissioning. MCCS will provide all the necessary check lists, Test sheets, Procedures, Data Base, etc. as per the breakdown of the project into Commissionable Sub-systems.

  • Full Breakdown of the Project into Commissionable Sub-systems

This activity includes break-down of systems or areas into Sub-Systems and Work Packages by indicating limits and varying colour codes on design drawings such as Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s), Electrical Single Line Diagrams (SLD’s), Control Systems (DCS), Emergency Shut Down Systems (ESD),Fire and Gas (F&G) block diagrams and Telecoms Layout Drawings and other detailed design documents. Creating this breakdown will assist in establishing the Mechanical Completion Databases and allocation of Work Packages, Job Cards etc. The breakdown will also assist in establishing construction progress and will form the baseline for the Completion and Commissioning Databases and Handover of the plant to the Client.

  • Provision of the Database (Software) Populated with Information for the Entire Project

This includes Automatic preparation of all Check sheets and Mechanical Completion and Commissioning Records for the Project simply by entering the sub-system and work package equipment identification numbers for all disciplines within the identified limits into the computerised system. In loading the system with all project information including critical vendor packages we are also able to assist in identifying interface discrepancies especially between the pre-fabricated skids and major vendor packages at an early stage to feed back into engineering. This service is normally performed in the Client’s or MCCS offices by our engineers.

Completion & Certification Software

Puma 3 Computer System

Puma 3 is a software package that has been designed to support MCCS in Mechanical Completion (pre-commissioning) and Commissioning operation.

Puma 3 is a complete Mechanical Completion (pre-commissioning) and Commissioning management tool. It manages the Preparation, Execution and Monitoring phases of Mechanical Completion (pre-commissioning) and commissioning operation. A mechanical completion (pre-commissioning) and commissioning database which can self-generate all required checklists and punch lists records.

The system can import data from multiple external sources and can be easily shared to avoid multiple input of information.

The system has a proven track record of over 20 successful projects Worldwide. At completion of the project, all records can be handed over to the client in electronic documentary form.

  • Production of Detailed Commissioning Procedures

These procedures include all the technical information, vendor information and recommendations and step by step instructions on system energisations and operational tests necessary to take Systems, Sub-Systems and Equipment to 'Ready for Start-up' status for Commissioning scope. This service will normally be performed in the Client’s or MCCS offices.