Commissioning & Maintenance

Commissioning is considered to be the energisation of mechanically completed equipment and systems including dynamic trials of systems and sub-systems and providing Ready For Start-Up (RFSU) certificates, compile in commissioning dossier and handover of respective data giving proof of mechanical completion and commissioning whether it be onshore or offshore.

Some examples include the running and entire testing of the power generation systems, testing of emergency shutdown and control systems and dynamic trials on oil and gas export systems prior to load out to minimize the offshore or site scope.

  • Attendance at Factory Acceptance Testing for Major Equipment

Attending the critical Vendors’ Fabrication Shops and Areas with the Client or on behalf of the Client to verify Compliance with the Project Specifications and Drawings, and ensure that Good Construction practices are being maintained so that any unplanned extra work on site or following erection and installation is minimised. Physical, Control and Shutdown interfaces are also checked against the main contract drawings to minimise any unwanted re-work.

  • Preservation and Maintenance of the Plant for the Project Duration

This includes the computerised system which provides the planning and check sheets and technicians required for maintenance of all equipment and all disciplines including vendor packages during the project execution onshore and offshore up to handover. It also includes site verification of vendor supplied packages and equipment and maintenance of the same before and after installation.

  • Planning of Commissioning Relating to Project Procurement and Construction Program

Our planning indicates Mechanical Completion schedule by Milestones, System and Sub-system as agreed with construction and a Commissioning schedule again by milestones, System, Sub-Systems and Equipment indicating all Critical Project milestones.

  • Production of Detailed Commissioning Procedures

These procedures include all the technical information, vendor information and recommendations and step by step instructions on system energisations and operational tests necessary to take Systems, Sub-Systems and Equipment to 'Ready for Start-up' status for Commissioning scope. This service will normally be performed in the Client’s or MCCS offices.

  • Performance of the Commissioning to take all Systems to 'Ready for Operations' Condition

This service includes the Commissioning Engineers, Site Supervision and Technicians required to complete the work against the preloaded Commissioning data base and the pre prepared approved commissioning part of an overall team. MCCS will provide the complete team to perform the Mechanical Completion (Pre-commissioning) and Commissioning or, part team to complete a full team in cooperation with the Client. MCCS provide all testing and commissioning equipment from in house and maximizes on local supply of manpower and consumables.

  • Complete Phased Handover of Systems and Completion Documentation to the Client

This final handover will be by approved Handover Certificates supported by the Computer generated Check Sheets, Diagrams and other relevant information either in paper form or data form on Compact Disk. Client will be provided, on Project completion, with a read only database to access all the historical Completion and Commissioning documentation during operations. On request this information can be downloaded into the Operations maintenance system and would be applicable for plant end user Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

MCCS will assist the Client in Start-Up stage up to handover to Operation and Maintenance phase (Handover to End User in O&M Phase).

MCCS will be able to manage and perform the multidiscipline Maintenance services (Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical) based on a strong background of process and utility Systems and related Sub-systems with respect to Client and End User Computerised Maintenance management System (CMMS).

Offshore Hook Up

MCCS will provide all the necessary personnel, planning, engineering, equipment and marine spreads to perform this service whether it be pre-assembled units (PAU’s) for onshore remote plants or offshore production, wellhead or accommodation platforms. The service includes, but is not limited to, the following :-

  • Provision of complete Marine Spread
  • Provision of all tools and equipment
  • Provision of all management and work force
  • Onshore preparation for HSE and Quality Control
  • Onshore Training prior to mobilization offshore
  • Onshore preparation of planning, Job Cards, Work Packs etc.
  • Preparation of all necessary procedures
  • All Risk assessment studies
  • Liaison with the onshore fabricator prior to load out to maximize on information