Flange Management

MCCS has well trained and qualified teams with Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) and its equivalent standards certified personnel, providing a flange management system in a controlled manner. MCCS also offers tailored service packages to customers and end users based on their requirements.

There are two main types of bolted joints designs which comprises of Tension Joints, consisting of bolted and clamped components and Shear Joints. Both joints are very common and vital part of pressurised systems yet the self-loosening of bolted connections is a crucial failure for joints under transverse dynamic loads.

Flange Management System can assure that all process system flanges identified are recorded and have been mechanically completed in a controlled manner that helps minimise downtime, cost and eliminates issues of leakage when combining with Nitrogen and Helium Leak Testing Services which increases end user productivity.

Torquing and Tensioning of flanges and joints during the construction period to a high standard using MCCS own personnel, equipment and software. We will provide verification and reinstatements of all flanges and valves incorporated in systems prior to hydro testing and after nitrogen and helium leak testing. All flange data is monitored through MCCS software and documented to provide Joint Completion Certificate (JCC) once the joint has been perfectly assembled, inspected and approved.

Flange Breakout is an act of disconnecting joined flange in a controlled manner which is often performed during maintenance. It is a regular feature providing definite intervals on joints during periodical shutdown environment to prevent corrosion and or ruptures of pipelines that carries fluids and gasses. MCCS provides flange breakout services as per our Client requirements to carry out for Brownfield, Spool Replacement, Joint Inspection, Gasket Replacement etc.

Flange Management Software will be used for planning, managing and recording joint details in which MCCS Engineers will recommend the correct tightening methods, tool selection, torque and tension values for each and every Joint. These are part of the safety precautions that plays a major role in preventing accidents.

Flange Tags will provide information's on all flanged joints that have been carried out under the flange management program in order to provide quick verification and traceability.

Flange Management Services include:

  • Joint Data Management
  • Manual Bolt Torquing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
  • Joint Breakout