Mechanical Completion

Mechanical Completion is considered by MCCS to be the interface between construction and commissioning and includes all interfaces to the systems whether the systems are module or plant wide.

Terminology differs from Client to Client and Project to Project. MCCS understanding of Mechanical Completion may also include pre-commissioning depending on the Clients' contract terminology.

Mechanical Completion operations (Multidiscipline Pre-commissioning) will verify the construction works based on the project specification and manage the relevant punch lists (A and B Categories) accordingly. This operation covers all the static tests of equipment up to issuance of Ready for Commissioning (RFC) Certificates for each sub-system to be compiled in the Mechanical Completion Dossier.

MCCS goal is to reduce costs by advising and assisting the Client in how to achieve successful Mechanical Completion by using techniques which have a proven track record in delivering effective and efficient results.

  • Engineers and Equipment to Manage the Completion, Database, Monitor and Report Mechanical Completion during the Construction Phase

This service is Management of the preloaded Computerised system Databases during the construction period including Provision of the Work and packs containing Check Sheets, Job Cards etc. to be completed by construction and then the input of completed packages and any punchlist items. Monitoring and reporting on progress is by work package and sub-system and can be reported in any manner or at any level as required. Punch lists are managed, monitored and reported by the MCCS Completion and Commissioning group using the computerised system (Puma Plus Software).