Miscellaneous Services

Multi discipline manpower Supply

MCCS has a team of experienced multi discipline or specialist engineers for project execution and follow-up, for in-house projects or onsite projects; onshore or in regular offshore rotation. Typical positions include; Field Engineers and Project Engineers are available for project support and follow-up in oil & gas projects around the world. Specialist services include;

  • Project Management

Specialist Project Management resources are available for internal or external projects, for the global oil & gas industry, for process plants and production platforms.

MCCS has long experience in supplying management to external projects, for execution in-house or onsite, follow-up and verification of main component vendors, for production and FPSOs and Land Terminals for the oil & gas industry. MCCS has special competence within management of multi discipline projects, and projects related to Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire & Gas Detection, Mechanical, Hydraulics, HVAC and Shutdown system.

MCCS's management are dedicated to working in integrated project teams, and to take on the responsibilities required for the different positions, including QHSE issues, planning, progress monitoring and reporting, cost and financial reporting and technical compliance with relevant regulations, standards and project requirements

Typical positions which have been filled are:

  • Project Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Mechanical Completion & Commissioning Coordinator
  • Multi Discipline Engineering Support

Field Engineers and Project Engineers are available for project support and follow-up in oil & gas projects around the world.

MCCS has a team of experienced multi discipline or specialist engineers for project execution and follow-up, for in-house projects or onsite projects; onshore or in regular offshore rotation.

Typical positions include;

  • Senior Engineers and Project Engineers
  • Discipline Engineers
  • Work Package Engineers
  • Installation, Testing, Mechanical Completion & Commissioning

MCCS has a long track record and special competence within control of, and performance of Installation contracts, with System and Loop Testing, Mechanical Completion verification and Commissioning of plants and equipment. MCCS also has test equipment for rent in projects for on- and offshore use.

System methods and tools are available to maintain system control in the installation and testing phases of large projects, especially related to the transition from an area (module) orientation towards a system orientation, across several modules.

Specialist engineering and technicians are available within Electrical, Process Instrumentation, Fire & Gas Detection, Hydraulics, Mechanical, HVAC and Safety Systems.

Equipment Rental

MCCS offering a wide range of well-maintained conveniently located test instruments. Suitable for many applications in electronic, general instrumentation and environmental areas. MCCS offers flexible rental plans with periods from a day to a year or more.

MCCS has adequate rental equipment and instruments for use during testing of main components and systems. This includes Test & Flushing High Pressure Units (HPUs) for onshore or offshore use, and a range of test instruments, calibrators, loop testing equipment, fiber optical equipment and much more. Qualified technicians are available for operation of the equipment in projects, including field calibration services. These includes:

  • Test & Flushing HPUs for cleaning and testing of hydraulic systems
  • Hoses and manifolds
  • Calibration & test instruments
  • Calibrators and simulators
  • Intrinsically Safe VHF and UHF Radios
  • Calibration & test instruments
  • Video inspection systems

Camera inspection

The international visual inspection services would be beneficial to all companies in the Oil and Gas, Maritime, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Consumer industries as well as companies in the Power Generation, Municipalities and Public Supply sectors. Our range of customers is constantly expanding as CCTV inspection services have far-reaching applications.

Although camera inspection is not a totally new concept, the continuous improvement in techniques, our vast experience and ever-advancing technology have certainly enhanced its capabilities.

Inspection reports are provided to clients which include recommendations for maintenance, repairs or replacements. Inspection reports are verbal, written or and/or in DVD formats.

Hydro - testing

Hydro-testing of a pipeline is carried out mainly to check the integrity of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline can be operated at its Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) and is free from any major defects which could affect the pipeline during operation.

Hydrostatic tests are conducted under the constraints of either the industry's or the customer's specifications, or may be required by law. The vessel/pipes is filled with a nearly incompressible liquid - usually water or oil- and examined for leaks or permanent changes in shape. The test pressure is always considerably higher than the operating pressure to give a factor of safety. This factor of safety is typically 150% of the designed working pressure, depending on the regulations that apply.

Applications of these systems has no boundaries, where high pressure is concern. With careful planning and selection of components that make up the system, allow our experienced engineers to understand your requirements and advise accordingly.

These are just some of the units that we have done for some of our clients. Possibilities are infinite!

High Pressure jetting (Rotor Fan & Retro jet)

Hydro jetting will serve as a safe solution, in the removal of foulant, sludge, grease rust, industrial coating & other debris.

Areas in focus: Surface of internals/externals of piping, decks, process equipment, etc. The adhesion of a foreign material onto a surface, reduces equipment functionality. Hydro jetting incorporated in the servicing of mechanical equipment / parts, improves surfacing (rust removal) & prolongs life, integrity & functionality till next servicing period of your industrial assets.

What it does

  • High Pressure Water Jet pierces media to be removed
  • Water is forced behind the deposit
  • As pressure builds behind the deposit the foulant is forced away from the surface being cleaned
  • Jeting ranges from removal small particles by direct interaction to High Pressure cold cutting
  • Descaling

TRK Valves

TRK supplies a wide range of high performance manually operated or automated On-Off Ball Valves, comply to international codes and standards applicable to the Oil & Gas, Oil Refining, LNG, Petrochemical and Power sectors.

Dedicated and passionate valve experts that have the specific experience to support the unique needs of our Customers, from pre-commissioning to mature operations, establishing long term cooperative partnerships which guarantee the service activities worldwide. With Client such as BP, Exxon Mobil, Conocophillips & Perusahaan Gas Negara.